2022 Fall Conference Compendium

Healthcare spending is growing faster than both the economy and consumer prices. The key driver of healthcare inflation is surging hospital prices. Failure to address skyrocketing hospital prices in New York is not an option with the scale of lives and economies impacted.

We have prepared a compendium of state and federal policy interventions to address hospital pricing.

This important reference tool outlines the opportunities and challenges for each solution—with three clear takeaways:

1) There is no one perfect solution to solve the issue of high hospital prices and healthcare costs.

2) It is possible to lower hospital prices while preserving affordability and access to high-quality providers, and it is happening all over the country.

3) New York was notably absent from the states that are actively engaged in tackling the issue of high hospital prices.

The 32BJ Health Fund believes that we can find a path forward for equitable and sustainable solutions that tackle the problem of high hospital prices. Are you ready to join us in solving the problem?