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32BJ Partners Improve Care Quality, Lower Costs

The 32BJ Health Fund partners with provider organizations to identify opportunities to deliver higher value care through in-depth claims analysis and data-driven practice change. With a range of successful efforts already in place, the 32BJ Health Fund seeks additional collaboration leading to meaningful cost and quality improvements for plan participants.



Memorial Sloan Kettering


City MD offers Urgent Care that is fast, comprehensive, and professional to get you feeling better as soon as possible. Walk-ins welcome!

UHC delivers innovative, data-driven, cost-effective primary care.

Through the MSK Direct program, MSK helps 32BJ members get the cancer care and support they need.

Village Maternity provides 32BJ members a new maternity option. Village Maternity is a concierge midwifery practice with no out of pocket costs for prenatal office visits.

Total Joint Replacement Program

Bariatric Surgery Program

Gender Affirmation Program

If you need a hip or knee replacement, Mount Sinai’s Joint Replacement Program offers top-quality care and benefits that make surgery and recovery easier for you.

Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Bariatric Surgery Program ensures that people having weight-loss surgery get the highest quality care during the pre-surgical process, surgery and recovery.

Mount Sinai’s comprehensive gender affirmation program brings both expertise and a multi-disciplinary approach to 32BJ members seeking care in New York City.